Saturday, November 06, 2010

Roundup: Abortions for Christmas, and more

  • Planned Parenthood offers the "gift" of abortion for Christmas: What better way to celebrate the birth of the Christ child than telling that special someone, "Please stop breeding, you skanky ho."

  • While we're on the topic of Planned Parenthood, they've closed their Lawrence, Kansas facility (which wasn't licensed as a clinic anyway). But never fear! You can send your loved one to the Overland Park site. Read all about it. It's the perfect place to send somebody when you hope her fertility -- and possibly her life -- will be permanently compromised. Call it "The Gift that Keeps On Giving." Though the other two Kansas abortion mills can do the job for you just as well.

  • Abortion posters spark debates: In a nutshell, supporters of abortion are fine with DOING it. They're just not too keen on anybody knowing what it is they're doing. Let's just dress it up in euphemisms, shall we? Talk about "choice" but never let anybody know exactly what that choice is in actual practice. It's a dead baby. And if you're not okay with seeing the dead babies, why are you okay with making them?

  • Latest Attempt to Normalize Abortion Doomed to Fail: In short, only freaky folk consider abortion an okay thing to be either proud of or blase about. And consider the gall of the abortion advocates who argue that nobody who has "benefited" from abortion has any right to come to his or her senses! You can choose the abortion, but you can't choose to speak about it afterward unless you're a satisfied customer. Where's their famous "Respect women!" slogan when they're called to respect women who disagree with them? Yeah, they're all about tolerance, as long as you're just like them.
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    Anonymous said...

    What a thoughtful gift. Barf. And the infamous 'caring for women' and 'liberal tolerance' vanish when they are confronted with those who disagree.