Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smart-phone ultrasound app bad news for abortionists

HT: Choice is Murder

Life in the Palm of Your Hand:

Handheld ultrasound machines smaller than a newborn and viewable on your Smart Phone may have a spectacular impact on the abortion debate.

The FDA is expected to approve the device soon. I'm gonna go on a hunch here and say that only qualified people will be permitted to use it (as should be the case), and you'll still need a modicum of privacy in a place the woman will be comfortable. But this certainly will make it possible to bring ultrasound technology to more women, to give them a chance to see their babies and know who it is they're considering having put to death -- before it's too late to change their minds.


Anonymous said...

Great news for veteran vigilers like us, Christine. Imagine being able to show women outside the clinic what's really in their wombs before they walk through those doors. Already working on a way to get one of these.

KC said...