Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help for women who change their minds

New Project Helps Women Who Change Their Mind During Abortion Procedure

The idea is to have trained prolifers outside the abortion facilities, and trained medical staff at a nearby hospital, to help women who have changed their minds about wanting their babies to die, after the laminaria have been inserted to start the abortion, but before the baby is killed.

And I can tell you exactly how the abortion facilities will respond. Not by counseling or screening their patients better so that they're not initiating abortions on women whose minds aren't really made up yet. In your dreams. I bet within a couple of weeks, any facility near a program like this will very carefully perform a lethal injection into the fetus as the very first step, so that there will be no turning back.


Jim Jordan said...

My mind will never be able to get around how unbelievable abortion is; who could do such a thing to a child? And I'm afraid your assumption of their reaction to this change is spot on. Abortion providers are depraved people; no different than the concentration camp Nazi workers. America, once great...

OperationCounterstrike said...

Who would remove the laminaria? You can't have women just walking around with laminaria in their cervixes.

Christina Dunigan said...

Did you follow the link? Staff at the hospital have been trained in removing the laminaria and examining the woman.

Dr. Levatino also recommends prophylactic antibiotics.

And don't you think this is a reflection on the quality of the "options counseling"? Curtis Boyd bitched at a NAF meeting about the prolifers stealing his customers, taking them to local doctors who would remove the laminaria and stabilize the pregnancy. He was pissed off at the LOSS OF BUSINESS.

The response wasn't "You need to be screening your patients better if they're changing their minds." It was, "Make them sign a contract agreeing to follow through with the abortion even if they change their minds."

What does this say about "choice"?