Sunday, March 27, 2011

For reference: Women shoved off to die after abortions

I'm doing a multi part series of posts on the "pregnancy as a disease for which abortion is the treatment" paradigm. As part of that, I'm referring to evidence that once the womb is empty, the abortion practitioners often totally lose interest in their patients.

Thus, this list of women clearly in distress and need of treatment after their abortions, but just sent home -- or sometimes literally shoved out the door -- to die:
  1. Leigh Ann Alford, 34, died after being prematurely discharged from a National Abortion Federation member clinic in 2003
  2. Lisa Bardsley, 26, was sent to her motel room, hemorrhaging from internal lacerations that killed her in 1995
  3. Pamela Colson, 31, was sent home to bleed to death in 1994
  4. Betty Damato, 26, died of infection after being sent home with a trash bag as aftercare in 1980
  5. Mary Ann Dancy, 32, was sent home to death in 1990
  6. Barbaralee Davis, 18, was sent home to bleed to death in 1977
  7. Kathleen Gilbert, 29, bled to death from punctured uterus in 1985
  8. Shary Graham, 34, was sent home to bleed to death from a cervical laceration in 1982
  9. Sharon Hamptlon, 27, was sent home to bleed to death in 1996
  10. Gracealynn "Tammy" Harris, 19, died of abortion complications after being shoved out the door in a wheelchair in 1997
  11. Sandra Milton, 23, bled to death in front of her three children in 1990
  12. Sylvia Moore, 18, shoved bleeding out the door to die in 1986
  13. Erica Richardson, 16,was carried unconscious out to her aunt's car to die after an abortion in 1989
  14. Amanda Roe, 19, died after being sent home from New York to Indiana after a punctured uterus and incomplete abortion in 1970
  15. Anita Roe, 23, was injected with saline, sent home to die in 1971
  16. Becky Roe, 18, sent home to die of sepsis in 1971
  17. Ellen Roe #2, 18, was sent home to die from incomplete abortion in 1983
  18. Jennifer Suddeth, 17, bled to death in 1982 after repeated calls for help were ignored
  19. Latachie Veal, 17, was sent home to bleed to death in 1991

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