Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mother of abortion victim speaks out in Maryland

Stephanie White, the mother of Denise Crowe, who died in a 2006 abortion at the hands of Maryland abortionist Romeo Ferrer, is speaking out:

Mother of woman who died in botched abortion seeks change to laws

“I don’t want to see a doctor do that and get away with it ever again,” Mrs. White told the Catholic Review. ( “It tore my family apart,” she said, “and I don’t want to see anyone else go through this.”

White is now raising her grandson, who she said was devastated by the loss of his mother.

“He cried for almost two years on the third of the month when his mother died,” White said. “He slept with me. I would wake up and he would be sweating. He’d be calling for her.”

Other women and girls killed by safe, legal abortions in Maryland include:

  • "Lori", a teen who died of sepsis after a saline abortion performed in a Maryland hospital in 1970.

  • Myria McFadden, who developed respiratory complications and died after an abortion in 1987.

  • Gladyss Estanislao, who collapsed in a college restroom and died of hemorrhage after her abortionist failed to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy in 1989.

  • Erica Richardson, a teen who died in 1989 from complications of a secret abortion she was taken for by her aunt.

  • Debra Gray, who died from screwed-up anesthesia in 1989.

  • Suzanne Logan, whose anesthesia was screwed up at the same seedy clinic that killed Debra Gray. Suzanne was left paralyzed and unable to speak, confined to a nursing home until her death in 1992.

  • Jennifer Halner, whose care when she developed respiratory distress in recovery was so shocking that the paramedics reported her 1997 death to the medical board.
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