Thursday, March 10, 2011

More seedy abortion mills in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Finds More Abortion Clinic Violations; Doctor Quits: The recent resumption of abortion clinic inspections in Pennsylvania uncovered yet another pair of seedy abortion mills.

Dr. Soleiman M. Soli, 73, ran Abortion as an Alternative Inc. clinics in Bensalem and Philadelphia.

An Oct. 26 inspection report of Soli's Bensalem facility found that drugs and equipment required to resuscitate abortion patients were missing and that it took Soli and a secretary 10 minutes to figure out how to use the clinic's oxygen tank, the mask for which was found covered in dust.

Dozens of expired drugs and medical equipment were found, some dating back decades, including Benadryl from 1970, a saline vial from 1978, progesterone from 1982 and Depo-Provera from 1989.


At the Bensalem clinic, inspectors found that tissue from fetuses was left outside the building in unsecured containers for collection "for an undetermined length of time with potential exposure to the public."


When inspectors inquired about fetal tissue samples inside a cabinet in procedure room, Soli responded that he did not know why they were there and then placed them in a trash bag for disposal, the state agency said. It was unclear how much tissue was handled that way, but the reports said it was used for microscopic examination.

The facility's only bathroom lacked ceiling tiles, leaving the pipes exposed, inspectors said. They found Soli's lunch was kept in the same refrigerator as the clinic's drugs.

"Opened, uncapped needles were also observed lying directly on the floor under the cabinet with the identified medications," inspectors said.

That was also where drugs for sterile intravenous use were stored, because Soli and his staff said they had to be hidden from neighborhood drug dealers. The inspection reports said the office had been broken into several times.

Soli told the inspectors he did not have a written transfer agreement with a hospital for emergency care, as required, but did have privileges at two hospitals.

Rather than take corrective action, Soli retired and closed his facilities, thus halting any further investigation of himself or his clinics.

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