Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Walks for Choice" can't even muster astroturf

Nationwide “Walks for Choice” limped

Jill Stanek notes the pathetic turnout at various "Walk for Choice" events.

Minneapolis mustered fifteen people:

Phoenix featured eight:

Lafayette, Louisiana, made ink with "more than a dozen" people standing up for Planned Parenthood:

Little Rock, Arkansas, and Seattle, Washington alone seemed to be able to attract more than a score of people.

Planned Parenthood must be sinking indeed if they can't even astroturf their rallies with folks from Rent a Rabble. It seems that you lose friends when you help to pimp underage girls.


L. said...

Plenty of us show our support for PP with our checkbooks instead.

L. said...

With OC locked up, I figured you could use a troll. ;)

Christina Dunigan said...


You're free to support PP all you want with your checkbook. We just object to being expected to support it with ours.

Katie said...

So is Islam pro-abortion? The ultra-modest Muslima confuses me.