Saturday, March 12, 2011

More on the claims of septic abortion wards full of dying women

Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics, Volume 26 By Franklin H. Martin Memorial Foundation, American College of Surgeons, 1918 will give us a contemporary account.

Dr. Julius E. Lackner: I reported 500 cases occurring in the service of Drs. Banga and Fninkenthal at the Michael Reese Hospital in the years 1900 to 1914. Of these 500 cases 4 died.

Five hundred cases in 15 years. About 34 a year. About one admission every 11 days. Hardly an entire ward full of septic abortion cases. And the mortality rate was less than 1%. And consider that this record predates blood transfusions and antibiotics. And, keep in mind, this case load is comprised of all women whose pregnancies ended before about six months, both naturally and due to criminal interference.

This shows how little credence we should give to claims of entire wards full of septic abortion cases, with a 50% mortality rate, as the Feministe Blog is contending.

Now let's jump ahead to a report of 156 cases over three years (1912-1914) at that same hospital -- again, both miscarriages and possible criminal abortions. That's actually 52 cases a year -- about one a week. Again, hardly a ward full.


Unknown said...

It was only hospitals in the major cities. Smaller cities did not have the wards. Also, these are the only women that came in or were brought in for help. My own mother almost died from a self induced abortion. The conception was the result of being raped by a stranger in our own home while my father was in vietnam fighting. America had a much smaller population then but mainstream opinion on any woman not married and getting pregnant, was to label her as a whore and shun her. The great depression saw many many children having to go to orphanages due to men leaving their families or killing themselves. Single Moms were were not a big trend then because women could not make enough money to support the family and there were no day care centers. Of course, orphans is what it comes down to really, in current America. White babies are prime choices . The older ones not quite as lucky but still a better chance for reaching the age of 18 with a family who wanted them, This is not the case for minority babies and children. More of them age out of foster care without knowing the love and support of a family. Many end up homeless. But now, you see, Christian congregations are shrinking. The more educated Americans got, the less they cling to or believe in Christianity, This terrifies church leaders. So, to force women to have children they have high hopes of convincing their members to adopt these poor children and raise them in a strict controlled Christian environment. It's their only chance at saving the churches finances in the future. They do not seem to care about those kids who were forced to be born to women who did not want them but did not give them up either. Instead they severely abuse kids. But in Christians eyes, if they do not see it, they deny it. LOL! Cracks me up! You can believe in God who no one has ever seen but deny abused kids a chance at life or at least the women to not have to give birth to them so they can abuse and neglect them.

Unknown said...

Therefore, stop judging prematurely, before the Lord comes, for he will bring to light what is now hidden in darkness and reveal the motives of our hearts. Then each person will receive his praise from God.
1 Corinthians 4:5