Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great stuff on the web today! Don't miss any of it!

  • First, Jill Stanek: Planned Parenthood of IL tries to scrub claim that mandatory child sex abuse reporting would overtax the system. It seems PP complained that if they reported every sexually abused girl brought to them for care, family services would never be able to do anything but investigate these cases. Well, duh. Maybe there wouldn't be so many girls being sexually abused if Planned Parenthood wasn't promoting, excusing, and facilitating it.

  • From United Families International: Myth Buster Monday: Living together before marriage is a good idea and serves as a test of a couple’s compatibility. It turns out that treating a prospective mate like a car you're test driving isn't the first step to a solid marriage. Well, duh. People aren't consumer goods.

  • Voice of Revolution: Don’t Just Talk About the Gospel… Demonstrate It! Have at it, believers!

  • Life Site News: New York City sued over crisis pregnancy center gag law It's a First Amendment suit. Planned Parenthood, after all, isn't required to disclose that they pursue a eugenicist, racist, population-control agenda and provide very little help actually planning parenthood. Abortion centers aren't required to refer women to alternative centers. It's only those whose existence threatens the financial underpinnings of the abortion industry -- already so powerful in New York that over 40% of children conceived there are aborted -- targeted for limits on their free speech.

  • More from Life Site News: Baby Joseph gets tracheotomy, will be able to go home He won't go home right away -- he'll be in the ICU until he is stronger. But the treatment plan is to allow him to go home and live out his life in the loving arms of his family.

  • Jivin' J is great as always: Pro-choice letter to the editor of the week. Evidently the author of the letter in question thinks life begins in kindergarten. At least his life began in kindergarten.
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