Thursday, March 31, 2011

"It looked like a baby"

This is a post addressing hypocrisy, so it's not going to be very sympathetic.

This is the latest post on a share-every-intimate-detail-of-my-abortion blog. She was 14 weeks. She researched it. She knew all the developmental milestones her baby had passed -- but was really pissed off that her doctor left the ultrasound machine on so that she could see for herself the "potential life" she was about to kill.

And in the midst of her going on about how she respects prolifers' right to believe anything they want:

I will not force my beliefs upon any other individual, and I would ask and expect that other individuals would do the same.

Um, lady, that's exactly what you did to your 14-week baby. You forced your beliefs on him or her.

And you know it. That's why seeing the ultrasound hurt. It made you face that this wasn't some hypothetical fetus you were going to have dismembered alive with forceps because of your life preferences. It was this particular fetus, your child that your breasts were making milk for, that you had signed a death warrant for. Because you didn't want to change your plans.

It's a good sign that this hurts. It means you still have a conscience. It's just a shame that you didn't engage it when your child's life was at stake.

You deliberately and knowingly had somebody like this:

grabbed -- alive and unanesthetized -- with something like this:

to turn him or her into something like this:

Yeah, he or she didn't look much like a baby anymore.

As you repeatedly assert, that was your choice. But never forget that your choice was inflicted on somebody else. So get off your high horse with the bullshit about not imposing your beliefs. That's what you did to your baby. You imposed your beliefs on another individual. Own up.

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