Sunday, May 22, 2011

2000: Another Death for Family Planning Associates

The Fresno Bee reported that Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA) and abortionist Kenneth Wright were being sued by the family of a woman who died after Wright performed a safe and legal abortion on her. To the best of my knowledge, this makes at least 12 dead abortion patients for FPA.*

The family of the woman, Kimberly K. Neil, alleged that FPA staff failed to properly monitor Kimberly, and failed to treat her properly when she stopped breathing during the abortion. Kimberly died May 22, 2000.

*Other FPA deaths that I know of:

Family Planning Associates Medical Group is still thriving, advertising outpatient abortions up to 22 weeks in their Los Angeles facilities:
California abortion clinics Family Planning Associates Medical Group, California's leading abortion provider since 1985
They're still National Abortion Federation members. And FPA's founder, Edward Allred, admitted during a deposition that never once, for all of the patients who died on his watch, did he do any sort of preventability study to keep such a tragedy from happening again.

What can we learn? Well, first of all, that NAF's promises of safety ring pretty hollow when one of their flagship chains of clinics shrugs off patient deaths. And that if the cream of the crop can't be trusted, how trustworthy can an abortionist be when he doesn't even care enough to go through the motions of at least joining NAF?


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