Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gigan's Findings 1918

I'm continuing to make my way through a page gigan had created for her research. It turns out that somehow I missed a lot of abortions on the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database during the years from 1910-1919. I'm slogging along. Thanks, gigan, for the heads-up on these. Like I've said before, please drop in.

1918: Margaret Balch, Mary Cusack, Catherine Lurandowski, Sophie Suida, Alma Heidenway, Mabel Johnston, and Gertrude Herrington.

I found that Dr. Anna Sorenson had been a very busy woman during late 1917 and early 1918. She managed to kill Emelia Gorman on August 10, 1917, and Mrs. M. Linstrom on November 12, before turning her deadly hand to Margaret Crowe on January 2, 1918. Her fatal spree was put to an end with her arrest on January 15, and her subsequent death in prison while awaiting her trials.

There's something weird in the notes about Carmile Ghant. Two doctors were arrested in her death, but there is some odd mention of the defendants being "Outside labor force (incl. criminals" and the business owner of a bar or saloon. It is therefore unclear if one or both of these doctors also owned a bar, or if the bar owner was somehow an accomplice in Carmile's death.

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