Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bozell Column: ABC's Partial-Birth Hero:

On the May 12 episode of ABC’s "Private Practice," Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by actress Kate Walsh, a real-life Planned Parenthood activist) spewed the strongest pro-abortion – "pro-choice" – rhetoric as she performed a partial-birth abortion on a woman who thought she’d already had an abortion two months before.

Of course, aside from seeing how many pro-abortion "talking points" they could fit into an episode, they didn't even do the most rudimentary research:

1. The show takes place in Los Angeles. There are at least four places in the city -- not even going into outlying areas -- where she could go for a routine, no-questions-asked 19-week abortion. Her baby could be pulled out in chunks and tossed in a bucket like so much chicken at KFC without any whining about lack of "access". (FPA has two LA locations.)

California abortion clinics Family Planning Associates Medical Group, California's leading abortion provider since 1985

Abortion clinic Eve Surgical Center, West Los Angeles specialists in high risk and fetal anomalies, abortion services up to 24 weeks.

Los Angeles abortion clinic UCLA Center for Reproductive Services - Abortion Services

‎2. At 19 weeks they still do a standard D&E. You can read LeRoy Carhart's description of how he does it here. Just reach in and keep twisting off parts. At some point after you start twisting limbs off, the fetal heart stops.

3. In California, abortion was legal in 1972. It had been legal since 1970. By 1972, FPA had already killed their first patient (Denise Holmes), and San Vicente scored their second death patient (Natalie Myers) in October of '72.

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