Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Researcher Part 3 -- Deaths I'd Missed

Following up to my first post on this discovery, I started going through another page gigan had created for her research.

As I cross-checked gigan's work against my main Cemetery of Choice page, I found that I had totally missed a young woman named Mary Rahur. As far as I can tell from the scant information provided in the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database, Mary died at the hands of a lay abortionist, a woman named Frida Trappe.

Since Mary was the only woman I'd missed from that page, I moved on to the actual page 2 -- the first of gigan's pages that I'd found.

I had somehow totally missed Elizabeth Martin. Her killer was identified as a midwife, which might mean that she was an obstetrician, since at that time obstetricians, especially if they were female, were often referred to as midwives.

I also missed Lillie Hirst. Her abortionist was a doctor, and a female accomplice was also indicted, but the case never went to trial.

Another woman I missed was Catherine Kammin, who died at the hands of an unidentified midwife.

Mary Bambrick died in 1911 at the hands of midwife Emma Schultz, who went on to kill Martha Kohnke in 1927.

Mary Thorning died in 1911 after an abortion done by Paulina Bechtel, who had killed Ida Henry and Barbara Shelgren in 1900.

I missed Anna Murphy, who died at the hands of a midwife. The case never went to trial.

I also missed Regina Beck, Ella Kettler, Lottie Roeder, Minnie Miller, Jeanette Mebzarek, Helen Imhoff, Mary Bologh, Mary Abrams, Elizabeth Jorgeson, Ruth Fox, Margaret Duyer, Fannie Scheiner, Ida Kloie, -- through the end of 1912. I'm going to take a break because I missed a lot after 1912 as well.

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