Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Researcher Part 2

Moving right along, following up to my first post on this discovery, I headed over to another page gigan had created for her research.

As I cross-checked gigan's work against my main Cemetery of Choice page, I found that May Putnam was missing. (I'd written her up but she'd dropped off the main page for some reason.)

Gigan was just doing quick summaries, so she missed some important information. One of the people arrested, identified as "Dr. Sucy alias Louise Hagenow", was clearly the victim of poor handwriting. She was Lucy, aka Louise, Hagenow, infamous Chicago abortionist responsible for, as far as I can tell, about ten women's deaths. I suspect that there were more, since Hagenow had her own preferred undertaker to cart away the bodies (as evidenced by testimony in the Annie Horvatich death).

I'd be very interested in gigan's take on Hagenow. Was she a poor persecuted physician just trying to help her patients, who was just losing a few because, as abortion proponents like to say when dismissing legal abortion deaths, "All surgery has risks"? Was she a quack her patients were "forced" to rely upon because criminalization had scared all the good doctors away? I'm sure an interesting discussion could ensue if gigan and I sat down and looked at Dr. Hagenow's handiwork.

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