Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ron "I lied through my teeth" Fitzsimmons masterminded attacks on CPCs

So I lied: whatever happened to the abortion lobbyist who repented? - Ron Fitzgerald [sic], head of National Coalition of Abortion Providers, and the partial birth abortion issue - Interview

Some of you might remember back when the story broke about the pro-life infiltrator who got hold of Martin Haskell's presentation paper -- teaching his fellow National Abortion Federation members how to do brain-sucking late abortions. The abortion lobby insisted, often and loudly, that these abortions were very seldom done, and then only on moribund babies or deathly ill mothers.

Ron Fitzsimmons, of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, broke ranks, admitting that in in passing along these claims, "I lied through my teeth."
This quote not only brought Fitzsimmons more than his fifteen minutes of fame, it has tarred the credibility of pro-choice advocates. His comment implied that all of them had been deliberately dishonest about the frequency and reasons that procedures like intact dilation and extraction -- the medical terminology for what pro-lifers call "partial-birth abortions" -- are performed.
No. His comment did not imply anything. It confirmed that all these abortion advocates had been deliberately lying.

But this article isn't about that famous confession. It's about who, exactly, Ron Fitzsimmons is, and about his drive to close down his industry's competitors -- pro-life pregnancy centers.
Fitzsimmons is the first to admit that he's a lobbyist -- and a good one. He proudly recalls being named one of the top fifty hired guns in D.C. by Washingtonian magazine in 1992. Previously he lobbied for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), and was working for a private firm, when a handful of independent providers approached him in 1990 to represent them.
Remember that. Fitzsimmons's job is to protect the interests of abortionists by lobbying.
And he's produced some stellar results. For example, he organized a hearing on phony abortion clinics that were advertising in the Yellow Pages, and found a teenage girl to testify that she'd been lured into such a place and terrorized with gory films. He arranged for her to tell Congress her story on a slow news day.
And the abortion lobby has been on this bandwagon ever since.

Fitzsimmons says he made his confession in order to bring about "honest debate" about the brain-sucking abortions. Well, Ron, how about an honest debate about pregnancy centers versus your clients? How about the fact that your supporters injure and kill women, and you're evidently okay with that, but you get indignant that, at worst, pro-life pregnancy centers annoy women?

You'd rather see a woman killed by an abortionist than annoyed by a pro-lifer. Let's have an honest debate about that, shall we?

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