Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gigan's Findings, 1920 - 1921

I'm still making my way through giang's page. I missed a metric buttload of abortion deaths on the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database. Thanx, gigan!

1920: Lydia Swanson, Sophie Krawczyk, Christine Hetland, Rose Lieberman, Catherine Casper, Mrs. V. Romano, Adelaide Fowler, Christina Anderson, and Alice Jolly.

Francis Karies had undergone her fatal abortion in Akron, at the hands of Dr. C. W. Milliken. Although the coroner recommended prosecution, it looks like nobody took any action, since Milliken was free to kill Iva Triplet in Akron the next year.

1921: Emma Shanahan, Dorothy Freedland, Katherine Falesch, Edna Rohner, Annie Sczepkowski, Marie Pickles, and Belle Keehn.

One of our busy bees resurfaces in 1921. Violet McCormick's death was pegged on an abortionist identified only as Achtenberg. In 1907, Dora Swan had died in a Chicago hospital after an abortion by Louise Achtenberg. "Louisa Achtenberg," identified as a midwife, had been implicated in the 1909 abortion death of Florence Wright. Later, in 1924, it was Dr. Louise Achtenberg who was held responsible for the death of Madelyn Anderson.It would seem that the same woman, Louise Achtenberg, was responsible for all four deaths. She was identified as a midwife in 1909 -- a term commonly used to describe obstetricians, particularly if they were female.

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