Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Deaths Gigan Found that I Missed (1915-16)

I'm continuing to make my way through a page gigan had created for her research. It turns out that somehow I missed a lot of abortions on the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database during the years from 1910-1919. I'm slogging along. Thanks, gigan, for the heads-up on these. Like I've said before, please drop in.

1915: Beulah Rehm, Margaret Jenickes, Mary Pichman, Ema Jonas, Frances Kulczyk, Hazel Carr, Hazel Wilcox, Elinor Cassidy, Mary Balcznska, Mamie Arkins, and Anna Hunt.

1916: Eva Krakonowicz, Augusta Bloom, Carolina Petritz, Anna Krause, Lucile Bersworth, Mina Malletti, Emily Projahn, Elizabeth Winter, Mrs. M. Marazak, Pauline Hill, and Eleanor Dillon.

I also stumbled across the death of Carrie Pearson while following up on the deaths gigan found. A particularly interesting case is the 1916 death of Helen Long, whose abortionist was also her physician husband.

As I go over these deaths, I'm getting sick of typing the words, "The case never went to trial." Folks, criminalization is not enough if we don't plug the loopholes that allowed criminal abortionists to continue to ply their trade even after killing their patients.

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