Friday, May 05, 2006

AP may be inadvertently helping prolife cause

AP coverage of the drive for Justice for Christin keeps referring to the people who want an investigation as "anti-abortion activists" and "Abortion opponents".

Now, it's pure logic that you don't have to be opposed to abortion to be appalled that a rich doctor with political connections seems to be getting away with killing a disabled teenager. But the AP keeps painting this as "abortion opponents" versus this doctor who let Christin die.

Maybe the public will start seeing:

1. It's not just about the unborn for us. We're every bit as pissed off -- more pissed off, really -- over what Tiller did to Christin as we are over what Tiller did to her baby. After all, he was being paid to kill Christin's baby. He was supposed to keep Christin safe.

2. Nobody -- NOBODY -- on the "prochoice" side, the ones who supposedly care about women, is being seen stepping forward on Christin's behalf. And it's not like Justice for Christin asks about peole's abortion politics. You don't have to love fetuses to be appalled by what Tiller did to Christin. You only have to care about women. And the prochoice movement is deafeningly silent here. Maybe Mom & Pop will be wondering where the self-proclaimed champions of women's lives have gotten to when an abortionist kills the mother, too.

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