Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Never trust an abortionist with your baby

Former Kentucky Abortion Practitioner Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Former abortionist Ronachai Banchongmanie proved that his abortionist's bad attitude toward babies wasn't changed when he stopped killing deliberately and limited himself to regular ob/gyn work. He's let two loved and wanted babies die due to his negligence.
Danielle Warfield and Curtis Wickliffe filed a suit [alleging] that Banchongmanie delivered their baby girl at Norton Hospital using "vacuum extractions" .... The ... baby was pale and had rapid respiration, but instead of providing her with emergency care and medical attention, Banchongmanie sent the baby to the newborn nursery.

The baby died a day later....

Another wrongful death lawsuit filed against Banchongmanie in 2004 from the death of a baby in 2003 is still pending..... Marilyn Brooks sued Banchongmanie after she went to him and complained of intense pain during her pregnancy. He told her there was no problem, but she returned later still having the pain.

Brooks eventually went into premature labor ... and gave birth to a baby girl who died shortly thereafter.

Go here for more information on this quack.

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