Friday, May 05, 2006

Contact the FBI about Planned Parenthood's fraudulent campaign

The FBI has an Internet Crime Complaint Center. I'm reporting the "Evil CPC" fundraising effort, and I encourage everybody else to do so as well. You can also call 1-800-251-7581.

I recommend that some of us use each method, calling and reporting on the site. Before you go to the site, collect as many examples as you can of emails from PP, bloggers passing the hoax on, etc. Also, if anybody has PPFA's physical address, pass that on to the FBI as well.

I'm also going to contact Jim Sedlak at STOPP. There needs to be a massive public outcry about this. First they made up lies about Becky Bell, now they're making up lies about a CPC in Indianapolis, all to line their pockets and generate more political clout for themselves.

Let's pull out all the stops, people, and hold PP's feet to the fire. Their dupes don't care; they follow orders like so many members of the Borg. But that doesn't mean that third-party complaints can't shut this thing down.

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