Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog roundup

A MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS AND WOMEN were the driving forces behind last week's Louisiana state Senate's overwhelming 30-7 approval of a ban on all abortions expect those needed to save a mother's life.

Democrats hold three-fifths of the Senate and the House. That super-majority gives them complete control of Louisiana's legislative process. One would assume that such a comprehensively pro-life bill wouldn't survive in a Democrat-dominated legislature.


Seventeen of the Senate's two dozen Democrats voted in favor of the ban, a majority. Five of its seven women senators voted yea, also a majority.

So! It could be we're getting to the point in this country where the law protects women instead of abortionists. That'd be a refreshing change.


Dawn Eden blogs again on The Tennessee "Choose Life" plates brouhaha.

Go here to see the variety of specialty plates available in Tennessee. Current plates include:
  • Animal Friendly $15.38 of the $35.00 additional fee is allocated to the Animal Population Control Endowment Fund.
  • Environmental $30.75 of the $35.00 additional fee is appropriated to Tennessee State Parks to plant and care for native trees, shrubs, plants and flowers in Tennessee's state parks. In addition, funds are used to remove exotic, invasive plant species from parks.
  • Fish and Wildlife Species-Bear $15.38 of the $35.00 additional fee will be deposited in the wildlife resources fund to be used exclusively for management, protection, propagation and conservation of fish and wildlife species and the protection and enhancement of such species' habitats.
  • Prince Hall Masons $15.38 of the $35.00 additional fee is allocated to the Orange Mound Lodge #357, Free and accepted Masons, P.H.A. of Memphis to be used exclusively to benefit and further the goals of Orange Mound Charities.
  • TN Arts Commission - Fish $30.75 of the additional $35.00 is allocated to the Tennessee Arts Commission.
  • United States Olympic $35.00 additional fee is divided evenly between the Tennessee Arts Commission and the United States Olympic Committee.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) $30.75 of the $35.00 additional fee is allocated to the Tennessee Chapter of MADD.
  • Ducks Unlimited Applicants must furnish membership credentials. $30.75 of the $35.00 additional fee shall be allocated to Ducks Unlimited.

If all these folks can come up with specialty plates, how come abortion advocates are too darned clueless to come up with one? I bet the prochoicers who frequent this blog could come up with a half-dozen slogans among y'all, and I bet every single one of y'all is smart enough to find out how to get the plate created. So what's the freaking problem?! Has any abortion-advocacy group in any state managed to navigate the process? DUCKS have a plate! Surely all them smart law-school graduates at the ACLU could put their heads together and come up with one measely abortion advocacy plate!

It can't be that they're too stupid. So it has to be that for some reason, they don't want a plate to counter the "Choose Life" plates. They don't want to compete in the marketplace of ideas against the idea of choosing life. Well, why the hell not?


ProLife Blogs looks at hardness of circumstance versus hardness of heart. Yeah, some women feel trapped, but a lot of them do walk into the abortion clinic with an attitude of, "I don't consider it a baby and even if I did I'd still snuff the little bastard if it got in my way."

Hardness of circumstance can be dealt with. Hardness of heart... I assume Jesus has a reason for tarrying, and that it's so that people like the women who go in knowing full well it's a baby, they just want it dead, can have a chance to repent. But at the moment I'm in a bad mood and don't care. These are the women who deserve the quacks running the abortion mills, and the abortion lobby overseeing their safety. Maybe when I'm in a better mood I'll muster some compassion for them, if only on the grounds that a life that only has room in it for "ME ME ME ME ME ME" must be awfully cramped and lonely.

If there was any sort of Karmic justice, it would be these women exclusively who suffer the botched abortions, and the weeping women who didn't want to be there would manage to emerge with their lives and organs entact. But that's not how it works. Marla's dead and snotty women who know it's a baby and just flat-out want it dead emerge sound and hale and ready to get pregnant again and contribute to the repeat abortion rate.

Do I feel a little nihilism creeping in?

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