Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Larry Lader goes to meet his Maker

HT: Jivin J

A key player in the drive to make abortion ubiquitous has bitten the dust. Lawrence Lader died Sunday at 86. Jivin J quotes Bernard Nathanson, who once worked hand-in-glove with Lader:
Larry brought out his favourite whipping-boy.
"...and the other thing we've got to do is bring the Catholic hierarchy out where we can fight them. That's the real enemy. The biggest single obstacle to peace and decency throughout all of history."


"Well, Larry, what do you think? Is the Catholic hierarchy identical with the anti-abortion forces? Aren't there any others opposed to abortion?" As I nosed the car into the Lincoln Tunnel traffic, he set the intellectual tone for the next eight years with a single word.


Some day, when we come to our senses, Lader will take his place in history alongside Pol Pot, Stalin, and other engineers of mass murder. I wish I could bring myself to pray for his immortal soul.

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