Monday, May 15, 2006

LA Times Obit verifies: Larry Lader died unrepentant

Lawrence Lader, man who was key to abortion rights
Lader kept pressing the cause of abortion rights until his death, said his wife of 45 years.... One of Lader's last acts was to pay for an ad in a Sioux Falls newspaper protesting South Dakota's new law banning abortions.

Some folks are hoping that Lader experienced a moment-of-death conversion. I guess this ought to douse those hopes. Even facing his own death didn't lead him to show any mercy or compassion toward the small, weak, and vulnerable. More power to those who can hope for him. Even more to those who can forgive him.


Anonymous said...

St Thomas of Aquinus said “there is no life until quickening” which meant 20 weeks when mom could feel movement

So he also died unrepentant, and a Saint

Christina Dunigan said...

Aquinas didn't know any better.