Sunday, May 21, 2006

New additions

Tanisha's Nightmare at Volunteer Medical Clinic
Fifteen-year-old Tanisha nearly died in a botched abortion at Volunteer Medical Clinic.<

East Tennessee Women's Clinic
This facility was closed by authorities after an investigation found disgusting conditions. The woman who owned it also owned the Lime 5 clinic.

Abortionist Ed Perry
Ed Perry botched abortions at Chattanooga Women's Clinic, the Lime 5 clinic.

Chattanooga Women's Clinic
Despite disgusting conditions and a patient death, this seedy abortion mill -- the Lime 5 clinic -- was permitted to remain open, due to an activist judge.

Abortionist Ralph Robinson
Despite medical board disciplinary actions in several states, Robinson's Kentucky office was a NAF member, according to the 1991 Annual Report.

Summit Medical Center of Birmingham, Alabama
A patient death in 2003 was not enough to close this abortion mill, but an attempt to abort an 8-month fetus in 2006 was.

This series of pages stemmed from the news that Summit was closed. Ralph Robinson was a Summit abortionist. He also worked at Chattanooga Women's Clinic. Ed Perry worked at Chattanooga Women's Clinic, owned by the owner of East Tennessee Women's Clinic. Perry also worked at Volunteer Medical Clinic. One news item, six new pages.

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