Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NAF opposes choice for nurses, too

Just Half of Nursing Programs Have Abortion Ed, Activists Complain

The National Abortion Federation is complaining that only half of nursing, physician-assistant, and nurse-midwife training programs teach students how to perform or assist in killing embryos and fetuses.

The appalling thing to me is that half do teach this barbaric practice.

NAF, of course, doesn't want any medical practitioners to have any choice. Ten years ago the drive was to force all physicians to learn to kill. Now the drive is to get the nurses to do the dirty work.

Note to NAF: Set up your own optional program to teach medical professionals how to be killers. If it's so important to you, make it free.

That said: On the plus side, fewer than half of the programs responded to NAF's survey in the first place, so it's possible that the majority, who didn't respond, didn't consider it even worth their dignity to participate in such an appalling and gruesome survey.

A survey spokesperson did say something that I can agree with, after a fashion:
Regardless of an individual's interest in and intention to provide abortion services as part of her or his practice, all APCs need to be knowledgeable about ... abortion.

Indeed, they should know how to help identify abortion-vulnerable patients and get them to real care. They should know how to identify and treat abortion complications. And I'd not oppose letting each of them take a gander at the results of abortion: a few shredded fetuses and weeping, disconsolate mothers.

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