Thursday, May 11, 2006

Safe-n-legal anniversaries

A lawsuit filed by the father of Barbara Dillon, age 22, alleged that Barbara underwent an abortion at Long Island Gynecological Group April 18, 1981.

Barbara's father said that the pathology report identified placental tissue, but no fetal parts.

Barbara suffered pain and bleeding from May 5. She was treated with antibiotics and advised to see her doctor. She was in severe pain later that day, so her roommates called the emergency room. They were told to give the antibiotics more time.

Barbara's pain did not abate. Her roommates called a doctor who advised them to take Barbara to an emergency room. The roommates got a neighbor to take Barbara to the university health center.

Barbara was unconscious upon arrival, and was rushed to the emergency room. There were delays finding a doctor from the clinic who would aid the emergency room physician in addressing Barbara's symptoms. She went into irreversible shock and died. It turned out that Barbara had an ectopic pregnancy which the clinic had failed to detect. Barbara's father also sued Dr. Mark Silver over his daughter's death.

Even though, in theory, women who choose abortion should be less likely to die of ectopic pregnancy complications, experiences shows that they're actually more likely to die, due to sloppy practices by abortion practitioners.


"Melissa" was 27 years old and five months pregnant when she checked into Lutheran Medical Center of Brooklin on May 1, 1992.

For some reason, her doctor chose the dangerous and antiquated saline abortion procedure. She died of complications on May 11.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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