Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lack of care does have a good result, sometimes

A patient I call "Lauren" benefitted from Planned Parenthood's sloppiness by at least getting one live baby to love -- and to worry about.


Some prochoicers do admit that occasionally it's possible that maybe at some fringe place, a woman just might, theoretically, have a less than ideal abortion experience. But prochoicers hold firm that at Planned Parenthood, love and perfection reign. All a woman has to do is waltz into her local PP, and she can rest assured that no bad thing could ever happen to her. She will be held in the highest regard, respected totally as a unique person with unique needs. She will be given all the time and care and information and support and counseling and love and good vibes she could ever need. It's sort of the abortion worshippers' version of being rocked in the bosom of Abraham.

But even within the sacred confines of the temples of Planned Parenthood, reality often bites.

Lauren alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Ghazi Accaoui at Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island September 22, 1990. Because the clinic had received an ultrasound report, they should have been aware of, and should have notified Lauren of, the fact that she was carrying twins.

Accaoui aborted only one twin and sent Lauren home. Lauren's 3-week follow-up appointment was canceled by Planned Parenthood due to a shortage of staff. Lauren repeatedly attempted to reschedule, but said that the phone would be busy when she called at 8 AM as instructed. When she would call later in the morning, when she could get through, they would tell her to call back again at 8 AM because that is their time for scheduling appointments.

Lauren returned to Planned Parenthood for a counseling appointment in October but was not given a physical exam. She discovered the survival of the second fetus during her annual physical exam in February of 1991.

Lauren was plagued with much fear that the surviving fetus had been injured by the abortion, and continued to suffer fear that infant "Joshua," born May 16, might suffer residual effects from the lack of early prenatal care and the prenatal loss of his twin sibling.

Lauren is seeing a clinical psychologist bi-weekly due to ongoing emotional distress. She said, "No one spoke to me about the risks associated with an abortion. However, I was given an information handout to sign entitled 'Facts About Early Abortion.'"

Will the fact that not every woman who enters a Planned Parenthood finds only sweetness and light wake up the prochoice community to the idea that perhaps all is not well in their temple?

I'm sure they will -- right around the same time the Democratic National Committee invites Alan Keyes and Bill Bennett to address their convention.


According to the Rhode Island medical board site, Accaoui lacks hospital privileges, and has been disciplined. The site does not give details on the disciplinary action.

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