Monday, March 05, 2007

Anniversary: Anesthesia for abortion kills mother

Gwendolyn Cliett, age 29, was about to undergo an elective abortion and tubal ligation at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia on March 5, 1980. She was 8 to 10 weeks pregnant.

Before the proecdure could be done, Gwendolen reacted to the anesthesia and died.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

Anesthesia being given by an untrained assistant or receptionist in a clinic without regulation kills, as has occured in several or more abortion clinics. Even one death is too many, these are women with families and children.

Anonymous said...

Any clinic using untrained personnel to administer anaesthesia should of course face sanctions by a review board. I do have to raise some scepticism at just how common this really is.

I can pull stats if you'd like...

One death is too many huh? I find that a curious attitude from someone trying to make abortion as lethal as possible by denying woman appropriate medical support.

Now don't go assuming that all pro-lifers are in favor of illegalizing abortion. However I am in favor of stricter regulations and negligant doctors facing sanctions by a review board. And for God sakes, learn how to spell my name correctly!

Anonymous said...

What? The definition of "pro-life" is not only in favor of making abortion illegal but illegal in every case except when the life of the mother is imperiled.

Only in your eyes and stereotypes. The beliefs of actual pro-lifers varies greatly and many pro-lifers come for a variety of backgrounds and beliefs.

Want an exception for rape? incest? You aren't really pro-life at all. You are pro-choice with some restrictions. Ask Christina, she admits that many if not most "pro-lifers" are PLINO: pro-life in name only.

No, I'd consider myself pro-life because I respect life in all it's stages, from conception to death (unlike most pro-choicers). Also, I see abortion for what it is, the exploitation of women and a sign that our society has failed to provide equal opportunities and support for all women. Many women who choose abortion do so out of a feeling of desperation. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, over 90% of women have an abortion due to social and financial concerns. Abortion is a reflection that we [as a society] have not met the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy in terms of emotional support, resources, and viable alternatives (universal daycare, enforcement of the FMLA, single mother support at the high school and college levels, more widspread pregnacy/child development courses). These women need to know that we will not let them down. They need help to have their babies. They need healing after abortion. They need love. This is why I'm not in favor of illegalization. Also, I provide emotional and practical needs assistance to women who choose to carry their pregnancy to term. However I make the exception because I do feel compassion for the women whom sex has been forced on them. There isn't only black and white views, there are many moderates on this issue as well. See Democrats for Life, Feminists for Life, etc.