Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Jersey NAF mill fails corrective inspection

Abortion Business in New Jersey Closed on Health Concerns Fails Follow-Up
An abortion business in New Jersey that state health officials closed nearly two weeks ago failed a follow-up inspection on Tuesday. The state health department said the abortion business still ran afoul of health and safety requirements despite assurances the problems had been fixed. ....

Nathan Rudy, spokesman for the department, talked with the Bergen Record newspaper about the visit and said the abortion business can reopen when the problems are corrected.

"What we're looking for is for all the serious deficiencies to be abated and when they are, the order curtailing admissions will be lifted," he said.

"They told us their plan of correction was completed so we went out and inspected," he explained.

Sounds like they don't have much of a sense of what's adequate if they think they've fixed things but the state doesn't even let them re-open under stipulations.

It was shut down after a complaint was filed after a woman who had an abortion there went into a coma for more than four weeks following a botched abortion.

Newark resident Rasheedah Dinkins, now 20 years old, became severely ill following the abortion and was transferred to Beth Israel Medical Center where she needed blood transfusions and had her uterus removed. She also suffered a stroke due to the serious blood loss and had one of her lungs collapse.

Dinkins said her mother and hospital officials told her she died en route to the medical facility from the abortion center but medical personnel were able to revive her.

"I was laying in my bed and I got the cold shakes," Dinkins, who filed a lawsuit against the abortion facility last week, said about her ordeal. "My body kept going numb. After that, I don't remember anything."

Adam Slater, her attorney, talked with the Record about her current health situation.

"She is able to stand up and walk a little bit so she is progressing, but no one knows how it will go," he said.

"She's very determined to focus on the positives. She's seen her kids now and of course that helps. She was ecstatic to see them, and they were ecstatic to see her," Slater added.

Well, thank God she's getting better and that her kids are getting their mom back.

This is only the second time state health officials ordered one of the state's 650 ambulatory health centers closed but the second time MMA has been shut down. It was temporarily closed after health and safety violations in 1993.

So how high can National Abortion Federation standards be, if this place was able to meet them but not able to remain open when hundreds of other ambulatory surgical centers were?

MMA was also sued by Gloria Mozas, who didn't realize the place was an abortion clinic when she went for pregnancy care. They told her she'd miscarried and needed a D&C to remove dead tissue. Only later when she saw her medical records did she learn that her fetus had been alive and deliberately aborted. So much for choice.
And Gloria isn't the only woman who lost a wanted baby to an abortion sold to her under false pretenses. A woman I call "Dolores" was brought by her boyfriend to Teflon Tiller, ostensibly for a prenatal checkup. Tiller told her that her life was in danger from an ectopic pregnancy and that she needed immediate care to save her life. Like Gloria, she only found out later by accident that her pregnancy had been normal and that her baby had been aborted. A woman I call "Shari" was told that if she didn't agree to an immediate abortion she'd die and leave her daughter orphaned. Only later, by accident, did she learn she'd been lied to. My friend Laura narrowly escaped an unwanted abortion. She, too, had been told she had miscarried, but she insisted on waiting to see what would happen before allowing anybody near her with a canula. She gave birth to a healthy little boy. More cases can be found here of women who lost wanted children to unwanted abortions.

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