Monday, March 19, 2007

TX mom fighting for son's life -- against DOCTORS!

Toddler Forced Off Life Support - Help Needed

A 16-month old Texas boy, who appears to have a somewhat treatable metabolic disorder (he could live 6 - 8 years, with current life expectancies, if treated) is being denied care and taken off the respirator by doctors who, against the mothers' wishes, just think it would be better if the child died.

Emilio Gonzales is fighting for his life, his mother is fighting for his life.

We have been in touch with the Bishop of the Austin Diocese--Bishop Aymond--who you would THINK would stick up for the life of this little child, but who instead supports killing little Emilio Gonzales. I guess if you're on Medicaid, your life just isn't as worthwhile as it would be if you had good insurance. Bishop Aymond's number is: 512-476-4888. Please call him and if you can't get him on the phone, leave a message, letting him know how you feel about the Catholic Church's approval of the murder of this small child. Keep in mind: This is a CATHOLIC-owned hospital! The head of the Catholic Conference of Bishops is Andrew Rivas. His phone number is: 512-339-9882; please call him and let him know how you feel about this issue.

Please, also get in touch with Brackenridge Children's Hospital, in Austin, TX. Their number is: 512-324-8000. Let them know how you feel about their murdering Emilio Gonzales. Maybe if they get enough calls through their switchboard, they might change their mind about killing this little boy.

You may also contact the physician's group (Pediatric Physicians Alliance of Central Texas) that is handling Emilio's treatment, composed of several doctors who have actively campaigned to have this child's treatment withdrawn at: 512-324-8009.

Please post these numbers on any blog or website you can think of and help this mother stop the hospital from killing her little boy!

And I don't have a phone!!!! However, I'm spreading the word as best I can. Pass it on


Tlaloc said...

That sucks. However so long as we have such a system things like medicaide will have to ration care. Prolonging the death of a critically ill toddler means not getting someone else the meds they need to actually live (as opposed to the quasi-life, at best, that could be sustained in Emilio Gonzales).

Again this is why a single payer system across the US would be better.

Christina Dunigan said...

But Tlaloc, your single payer system would give fewer choices. As it is, if people step up, this woman might be able to save her child. A hospital might be willing to treat him and private citizens might step forward to pay for his care. Whereas if it's all centralized, the doctors say, "This kid needs to die" and they effectively execute him. Nobody can intervene to help.

Tlaloc said...

"But Tlaloc, your single payer system would give fewer choices. As it is, if people step up, this woman might be able to save her child."

Realistically it wouldn't even be an issue under a single payer system here. This isn't Sri Lanka, the US is the wealthiest nation on earth, we can easily create a single payer system that will cover all reasonable health costs. In fact generally it looks like by eliminating provate insurance we eliminate so much bureaucracy and red tape that such a system will not only cover more people and issues but actually cost *less* in total.