Sunday, March 25, 2007

False accusation stresses mom, leads to abortion

Child abuse case drove mother to abortion

Another case of people hurting themselves and others when acting out in a moment of panic and stress. What kind of pathetic "counseling" were they doing at the place that did this abortion?

This is sickening.


Zoey said...

Obviously you have never had your child/children falsely taken by "child anything but protective services" have you?

I don't think you have or you would understand this womans nightmare and her choice.

Christina Dunigan said...

I entirely sympathize with her, Louise -- I just think it's tragically unnecessary that instead of offering her comfort and/or contact with a support group for falsely accused parents, the abortion staff just killed her baby and sent her home to cope with her grief.

Now that she has the first child back, it's gonna sink in that she can never, never get the second child back. She has that to live with thanks to the CPS people who abused her family and the "counselors" who didn't protect her from her panic and grief.

Anonymous said...

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