Monday, March 26, 2007

Safe and legal: Gail Wright

Gail Wright was 29 years old when she underwent a legal abortion. She was 20 weeks pregnant. After her abortion, she developed sepsis. She died of adult respiratory distress syndrome on March 26, 1986, leaving behind a husband.

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Wick Beavers Blog said...

well if she tried to hide it and go to a wank job chicken murdering high priest, that's one reason for legal abortion. If she did it with a licensed doctor and legally, she picked the wrong doctor. A dentist can kill you removing a tooth, a surgeon can leave scalpels in your gut. You better make sure you do your homework on your doctor.
If you are trying to say she dies because she had an abortion, I'd say yes I agree. But you are not going far enough in this stupid line. She died because she was alive. Had she been dead. she wouldn;t have died having an abortion. She might have died having a tooth removed a week later...