Saturday, March 31, 2007

Princeton to allow Charmaine Yoest to speak about abortion!

Princeton gives a forum to the pro-lifers and a tip of the hat to Anne-Marie Slaughter

In a breathtaking, courageous example of fostering real diversity of thought, Princeton University is allowing Charmaine Yoest to give a speech, "How Abortion Hurts Women." Go Princeton!

You can read Ashli's story as an example of the ongoing pain caused by abortion. And Ashli never would have had the abortion in the first place if she hadn't been abandoned by health care providers who were relieved that she was going to take her health problems elsewhere and quit pestering them.

Even women who don't have abortions are hurt by the prevailing attitude that abortion is some sort of palliative thing.

The whole "poor women need abortions" mentality took all the joy out of my pregnancy with my son. The pressures heaped on women who don't want abortions are often enormous. Women are put through needless trauma by abortion fanatics, all in the name of "choice". Women have had their doctors totally refuse to provide care because they refused to abort!

We need to get rid of the idea that legal abortion only effects women who choose abortion. It hurts all women who love their unborn children.

HT: Birth Story.

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gregjaye said...

Having a pro-life speaker on any American campus should not be an exception, but the rule. Giving both sides of an issue is the ideal, but the liberal academic elite do not "tolerate" differing views very well.

Also, see recent article fellow blogger, Matt, wrote about recent South Carolina law.