Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Coache's wife does two home abortions, keeps fetuses in shed

No charges in self-abortion case
Authorities in Bay County, Fla., received a tip a year ago that Sarah Jo Warner Izard, the wife of the late coach Jim Izard, told friends there that she kept the remains of two fetuses in a storage shed in Rome [Georgia].

Investigators found two human fetuses hidden in containers in the storage area. Izard reportedly told authorities shortly after her husband’s February 2006 suicide that she performed the abortions herself. Izard said one took place in Rome and the other in Florida, where she and her husband moved following his resignation from Berry in 2005.

The Centers for Disease Control researched amateur abortions (both self-induced and induced by others) and found that women resorted to them for "ideosyncratic" reasons. It sounds to me like Sarah Jo has some serious mental health issues. Issues that having a National Abortion Federation member clinic just down the street won't fix.


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