Saturday, March 03, 2007

Should they have offered her an abortion?

An obese woman was surprised when her abdominal pain was diagnosed as a full-term fetus.

Now, if women have an inalienable right to opt out of motherhood, was the hospital remiss in not offering an immediate abortion upon diganosing the pregnancy?


Suzanne said...

Yeah, I want to hear the pro-aborts on this. Would it be okay for the mother to have aborted that day if she had no desire to have a baby?

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes it has and still does occur, Tialoc. If you'd actually done your research before blathering out crap, you'd know that not every woman experiences pregnancy symptoms (some women are known to continue to have menstrual periods) or symptoms which are obvious:

And the stories could go on and on...

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't. I'm sorry but it is so ludicrously stupid that I can't believe anyone falls for it.

I'll amend that slightly- it could happen in cases where the woman is severely mentally disadvantaged and doesn't have the capacity to realize what is happening to her. Other than that- No it has not and can not happen.

Ok, then. I can understand a healthy dose of skepticism, however you're denying these women's experiences. As a man, how can you possibly understand the changes a woman's body undergoes or how it affects every woman differently? I've read enough testimonies of this to know that it's not a few isolated cases of women making up wild stories for media attention. And in addition, I've read enough medical literature about pregnancy symptoms, I can understand how pregnancy and hormones can affect a woman. Yes, pregnancy is a major bodily change, however every woman is affected differently in one degree to another and the range of symptoms she experiences. And although most have some degree of symptoms (and the symptoms may very from woman to woman), the symptoms may not present themselves in an obvious manner and/or may be subtle due to other co-existing health conditions such as obesity, parapalegic paralysis, irregular menstrual cycles, etc (not necessarily due to a mental deficiancy). Howver, your lack of compassion or understanding doesn't astound me, though.