Thursday, March 01, 2007

Safe and legal anniversaries: the deaths of two young teens

Sixteen-year-old Erica Richardson was brought to abortionist Gene Crawford by her aunt on March 1, 1989. Erica's aunt reported that Crawford left the girl unattended for four hours after her abortion, then at 11PM carried her to the car and instructed her aunt to take her home.

Erica's aunt, a nurse, instead took the girl to a hospital. Erica died of an embolism shortly after midnight on March 2. Erica's mother had not known that her daughter was going to have an abortion.


Jammie Garcia died a wretched death at the age of 14 on March 2, 1994. You can read about it here. Jammie was one of the unfortunate patients to die at one of Moshe Hachamovitch's seedy abortion mills. The others are Luz Rodriguez, Christina Goesswein, Tanya Williamson, Lou Ann Herron, and Lisa Bardsley.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

Hey im sorry that had to happend to all of those girls. Its really sad. And i hope that people learn by this stories that abortions are not 100% percent safe and that you shouldnt gen them with out your parents and their permission. this is why you shouldnt have unprottected sex if you know your not going to want the baby later on.