Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Christopher Tietze told us this in 1975

It's Not Enough to Be 'Wanted'

Abortion increases unwed births, because it contributes heavily to an increase in out-of-wedlock sex and to sloppy contracepting. And -- as horrible as some abortion supporters may find it -- not all women can just casually trip on down to Planned Parenthood and snuff their little unplanned embryos. They discover that the mother-child bond often is stronger than they'd expected.

Suggested reading:

Christopher Tietze, "The Effect of Legalization of Abortion on Population Growth and Public Health," Family Planning Perspective, May/June 1975

Kristin Luker, "Contraceptive Risk Taking and Abortion," Studies in Family Planning, August 1977

Don't be scared -- these are prochoice authors. Particularly Tietze, whose work championing abortion was so impressive that the ACLU named their humanitarian award after him.

And while I"m at it, I'm supposed to praise what's praiseworthy. And despite Tietze's appalling lack of any moral compunctions about the slaughter of the unborn, he did have a breathtaking intellectual honesty that I wish we'd see more of.

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