Saturday, June 09, 2007

Like mother, like daughter.

Abortion: Meet the mother and daughter who have both had terminations

The older woman was browbeaten into the abortion by her mother. The younger woman felt she had no choice due to her circumstances. Neither of them seemed to consider the experence particularly liberating and/or empowering:

"It felt as if I was being carried along by everyone around me and was going along with what I was told to do."

"It was a horrible decision to make, but I felt there was no other option."

"You have to force yourself to move on."

"My baby hadn't been just a clump of cells, but a human being."

"Because I knew how difficult my mother had found her termination, I was determined to have mine before there was a chance I'd bond with the unborn child."

"It was a difficult choice and it's certainly one I wish I hadn't had to make."

Is this the best we can do? Leave women with a choice they don't want to make?

If somebody doesn't want to do something, but feels trapped into it, is faciliting that unwanted option really helping them? Or just making the "helper" feel like they've accomplished something?

HT: JJ, via Birth Story.

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