Thursday, June 28, 2007

What remorse looks like

West Bengal doctor books himself for negligence death

Doctor Pradtoy Naskar from Sonarpur town said he had operated on a woman who had come for an abortion, but he accidentally perforated her uterus, which led to her death.

Naskar filed a complaint with the police, who arrested him from his nursing home. He said he was ready to serve any punishment.

"Every person has a different ideology and different philosophy. According to my conscious, what I thought at the moment, I did it. I am feeling very sick. Whatever action will be taken by the judicial system against me, will be welcomed by me," he said.

The closest I've come to seeing this in the US was when Suresh Gandotra commented, "I knew I screwed up" after leaving Magdalena Rodrigues unattended to bleed to death. Whereupon he fled the country to escape prosecution.

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