Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whatever is excellent...

I had promised to make a point of blogging every day something positive about a prochoice person or organization or about an abortion practitioner or facility.

Today's praiseworthy abortionist is Warren Hern.

Without pretending I approve of what he does as his main life's work, I do have to admit that I am very impressed with his volunteer work with the Shibibo Indians in Peru.

Hern travels to their remote village, at his own expense, and provides them with free medical care. He even learned to speak their language. When I think of how much I'm struggling to try to learn Korean, I find this particularly spectacular, since I doubt that he could just go down to the Boulder Community College and take a course in whatever language they speak.

So kudos to Warnie for his volunteer work in Peru.

I pray for the day that he will be doing this sort of thing full-time.


Moby Dick said...

What a positive attitude you have.

Christina Dunigan said...

Would you care to eleaborate, spidey?