Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to score with hot babes

Just buy a condom! It magically turns you from a pig into Mr. Right!

I have to agree with Jill Stanek on this one: A man exploiting a woman in a bar to be his unpaid hooker is a pig with or without a condom in his pocket.

And Planned Parenthood has their panties in a twist because CBS and FOX rejected the ad. An ad that promotes the idea that women are nothing but sex toys, that a condom makes you less of a swine for treating a woman like a sex toy.

PP scoffs at Catholics for their reluctance to "putt a little rubber thing over your cock," as the Monty Python gang put it in "The Meaning of Life." But here's an ad saying that the very thing that makes you HUMAN is that little rubber thing over your cock.

Not being interested in her as a human being. Not caring about her real needs, such as her needs for love, respect, affirmation, and fidelity. Nope. That little rubber thing over the end of your cock is all it takes.

And we wonder why there are so many deadbeat dads. So many weeping women climbing on the abortion table because they've been abandoned. So many kids growing up with absent fathers. So many men murdering their pregnant girlfriends because they refuse to abort. We've built a society that gives the message that women are interchangable sex toys, and that a man has 100% fulfilled any obligation he has toward his sex toy du jour as long as he's put one of those little rubber things over his cock.

We gve the message that all we need to strive for is to prevent STDs and babies. That as long as we're doing that, it's okay to treat each other like pieces of meat that exist purely for our own gratification. That striving for any kind of real intimacy, real bonding, real committment is a joke, something only big-haired born-agains and mind-numbed followers of the Vatican would even desire in the first place.

Who needs love when they have a condom?

What a message!

HT: Generations for Life

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