Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Effects of the PBA ban

While it is true that banning The Procedure Formerly Known as Prince won't directly prevent any particular abortonist from slaying any particular fetus, indirectly the ban has triggered something that nothing else would: Discussion of exactly what abortion does to fetuses. About whether this is a nice, decent, acceptable thing for us to be doing to them

And that can only be good.

It's easy to pretend abortion is only about removing a blob of tissue when speaking remotely of "choice". It's another thing to pretend all abortion does is remove a blob of tissue in the face of graphic questions like, "Will I have broken the ban if while I'm trying to pull a leg off, the whole fetus comes out?"

We need abortionists shouting these questions from the rooftops!

See Aborting The Monster of Abortion One Limb at a Time

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