Monday, June 18, 2007

Mercy Ships launches maternity clinics

Maternity Clinic


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that these clinics are being built and are providing much needed health care. To improve health conditions in poor nations such as these, what these people need are long term solutions such as drinkable water, non-parishable foods, instruction in farming and equipment (seeds, tools, etc) general and maternity health clinics, AIDS eduction/awareness and medications, etc. To simply prescribe abortions as a solution to the issues in third world countries, we are not doing anything to improve these peoples dire living situations long term, but applying population control as a band aid.

Christina Dunigan said...

Our church is currently raising money to sponsor a well through Mercy Ships. We've been at it for four weeks and we're 17% of the way there. Not bad for a tiny congregation.