Thursday, June 28, 2007

No sign that anybody has complained to the nursing board

I have tried to look up discipinary action against the nurse who inserted laminaria into Edrica Goode's cervix despite obvious signs of bacterial vaginal infection. There's no sign of any nurse being disciplined for this at the site of the California Nursing Board.

From the page on how to file a complaint:

Complaints may be filed by completing the complaint form and submitting to:

Board of Registered Nursing
Attn: Complaint Intake
PO Box 944210
Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

In filing your complaint, the information you provide will determine the action the Board will take. The most effective complaints are those that contain firsthand, verifiable information. Therefore, please provide a statement, in your own words, which describes the nature of your complaint. Please include as many specific details as possible, including dates and times, as well as any documentary evidence related to your complaint. The emphasis should be on providing necessary factual information. While anonymous complaints will be reviewed, they may be impossible to pursue unless they document evidence of the allegations made.

The complaint form is available here.

The only information I have on the nurse is that he or she was identified as "K. Sorenson". She is NOT Kelleigh Lee Sorenson, who is listed as being in San Luis Obispo. So who is this mystery nurse?

Name: K. Sorenson
Employer: Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties
Business Address: I'm guessing it's their Riverside clinic: Riverside Clinic / 3772 Tibbetts, Suite A / Riverside, CA 92506
Details of complaint: On January 31, 2007, patient Edrica Goode went to Sorenson's place of employment for a second-trimester abortion. She was a little over 14 weeks pregnant. Despite "odiferous creamy-colored discharge", Sorenson inserted laminaria into the patient's cervix, starting a cascade of events that ended in the patient's death on February 14.

The nursing board needs to know we're watching them.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Poland !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Christin Dunigan,

I am the mother of Edrica Goode. My name is Aletheia Meloncon I want to thank you for your attention that you have given to NP K. Sorenson who was negligent in the care to my daughter. My hope in bringing this suit is to shed light on the the medical treatment or lack thereof she receieved. I hope also that many will come forward for any sub-standard they may have received. We should also look very closely at the Dept. of Health who did what I consider a next to nothing investigation. Infection present who in their right mind would insert cervical dilators when the manufacturer states that there is a contraindication that states laminaria should not be used in the presence of a vaginal, cervical and pelvic infection present.What Health Dept.could say that the care she received was sufficient. She was compromised and they know it. I am working diligently to investigate the Dept. of Health, Nurse Sorenson and the Doctor that was in charge.
Thanks for your help and assistance

Christina Dunigan said...

Dear Alethia,

Thank you so much for commenting.

I know standards of care vary from state to state, and that it's easy to get away with some pretty appalling things if you have a good lawyer. Braxton Tabb in Colorado knowingly left a fetal head in a patient, causing a near-fatal infection. He got a couple of other Colorado abortionists to testify that they, too, often just left the fetal head in patients, thus establishing this as a "community standard of care." If Sorenson, with PP's help, was able to arrange other practitioners who told the nursing board that they, too, routinely inserted laminaria in the presence of vaginal infection, the board would let Sorenson get away with it.

I'm assuming you complained. What happened? Did they simply declare that Sorenson had done no wrong, without giving you any explanation?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to respond that the nurse listed in the original blog Kelleigh Lee Sorenson is myself. I do live in San Luis Obispo, and have NEVER worked for Planned Parenthood. I am a Labor/Delivery Nurse in SLO county. Which is quite the polar opposite type of nursing that this other K. Sorenson is performing!! I am a little bothered that my name is being posted as being associated with this horrible event!!!!

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I will change the post to make it very clear that you are NOT the nurse involved.