Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abby's Weekly Call for Prayer: Dr. Curtis Boyd

Operation Conversion: Dr. Curtis Boyd:

1/15/11 – 1/22/11: Please pray for Dr. Curtis Boyd. Dr. Boyd provides abortion services up to 30 weeks gestation. He employs many late term abortionists to work for him at his facility. He currently works in the state of New Mexico. Please commit with me to pray for Dr. Boyd and cover him in prayer every day for 7 days. This is not a call to contact him or his facility.

**Please post this on your Facebook wall, send to your prayer groups, talk to your minister, post on a prayer chain, or do whatever you can to get this message out. The goal is to have as many people praying for this physician at one time. We know the power of prayer is amazing and can change any heart. Thank you for your commitment!

Additional information about Boyd:

  • He reports that he does abortions because his wife nearly died in a "back alley" abortion he'd arranged when he was in med school, and he wants women to have "safe and legal" abortions.

  • His handling of the eventually fatal complications suffered under his care by Vanessa Preston in 1980 stand out: If I'm willing to grant that he meant her no harm in performing the abortion in the first place, I can find no fault with his handling of her case. He had emergency protocols in his facility, and his staff were adequately trained. They followed the emergency protocols and were able to resuscitate the patient, who died from an undiagnosed liver laceration. Boyd reported the death to the Centers for Disease Control and published an article informing his fellow abortionists that the clotting disorder that killed Vanessa was a possible complications for the newly-embraced second-trimester dismemberment abortions.

    So Boyd stands out as somebody who doesn't seem to be merely paying lip service to the "safe" part of "safe and legal" -- though, of course, he does nothing to try to stop shoddy abortionists from plying their trade, beyond the natural attempt to drive them out of the market by taking all their paying customers. So there is some ideological commitment to abortion practice that trumps the commitment to all women's safety.

    With all that in mind:

    Heavenly Father, we bring Curtis Boyd and his wife to you in prayer. We ask first that you bring them to a recognition of the evil they did in seeking the death of their own child, and in that, open their eyes to the evil they've devoted their lives to ever since.

    Lord, we know that after a lifetime, it is difficult to turn from a path. But nothing is beyond You. You have brought other sinners to repentance and light. We ask that you do so with Curtis Boyd and his wife. We ask that you take their devotion to women's well-being, that has been twisted by the Enemy and devoted to his service, and instead turn it to bringing Your love and steadfast help to the women they feel called to care for.

    Bring people into their lives who will carry Your love, and the love and redemption of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose name we pray. Amen.
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