Sunday, January 30, 2011

Am I missing anybody?

UPDATE: I found the CDC's most recent Abortion Surveillance Report, and will note for each year how many abortion deaths the CDC noticed. I'm missing some they noted; but then, they're also missing some that I noticed.

I'm Wikifying the Cemetery of Choice, and also listing the most recent 100 safe and legal abortion deaths in preparation for making signs for next year's March for Life.

I get the feeling I'm missing somebody. Here's what I have:

Moving backward chronologically:

2011: None noted yet.

2010: Alexandra Nunez

2009: Ying Chen
Karnamaya Mongar

2008: None listed

2007: Edrica Goode
Laura Hope Smith

2006: Laura Grunas
"Wanda" Roe

2005 (CDC reported 7): Oriane Shevin
Christin Gilbert
"Cherish" Roe
"Tara" Roe

2004: (CDC reported 7) Tamiaa Russell
Chanelle Bryant

2003: (CDC reported 10) Leigh Ann Alford
Regina Johnson
Holly Patterson
Vivian Tran

2002: (CDC reported 9) Diana Lopez
"Adelle" Roe
Brenda Vise
Stacy Zallie

2001: (CDC reported 6) "Haley Mason"

2000: (CDC reported 11) L'Echelle Head
Kimberly Neil
Nicey Washington

That's 25 from 2000 on.

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