Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lamest attempt to blame Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors on prolifers

This news report contains the lamest of what I'm sure will be a plethora of attempts to blame Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors on those of us trying so shut such places down. An abortion supporter, ClinicEscort, said:

1 in 3 women abort. 87% of counties have no provider. #Prolife, Gosnell isn't ours, he's YOURS. Bravo.

Let's ignore the Grand Jury's finding that it was prochoice politics that led authorities to turn a blind eye to Gosnell's doings. After all, I'd hardly expect somebody as illogical as ClinicEscort to be too interested in getting all the facts before spouting off. Let's just look at the patent absurdity of the idea that some dreadful shortage of abortionists allowed Gosnell to thrive.

The National Abortion Federation lists five member facilities in Philadelphia.
Right across the river into New Jersey, NAF lists two member facilities in Cherry Hill. Down in Maryland they list 8 within reasonable driving distance of the greater Philadelphia area. Delaware has 4. The District of Columbia has two. That's 21 NAF members alone purveying abortions in that area.

NAF says they perform about half of all abortions in the US. So there are probably about as many non-NAF abortionists in the greater Philadelphia cachement area.

That's hardly a dearth of abortionists.

So, ClinicEscort, you'd better come up with a better straw man. Try again.


Kathy said...

*Very* lame. There are many counties in the country without an OB/GYN, including my own. Which is more important - that mothers get to kill their babies in a convenient way, or that mothers who want to have their babies get adequate prenatal care in a place convenient to them?

As far as I know, Mississippi (my state) has only one abortion clinic, located in the state capital, although there are 82 counties. That would make nearly 99% of counties in MS w/o an abortion "provider" (I suppose there may be some hospitals or doctors who would perform abortions, though not as a stand-alone facility), but I doubt the conditions of Gosnell's "House of Horrors" are anywhere close to what the Jackson abortion facility are.

L. said...

Whenever horrible things happen (such as the recent Arizona shootings), both sides tend to blame it on the other -- and it's true that both share the blame for the overall climate in which events took place.

But usually, the worst of them have at their root some sort of mental illness, and actions that everyone can agree go far beyond what should be permissible.

Christina Dunigan said...

L, are you honestly trying to claim that everybody responsible for this horror -- the National Abortion Federation clinic that gave him access to their patients, the regulators who very deliberately turned a blind eye -- were just suffering from untreated mental illness?