Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This sucks.

Imagine you're a German who has seen the death camps. You know about it. The "medical experiments" on twins. The starvation. The gas chambers. And you're trying to get the world to understand what's going on. And you're talking to a world that gets its knickers in a twist that Jews aren't allowed to ride the bus anymore.

They tsk tsk about the fact that Jews aren't allowed to ride the bus. You try to tell them that lack of public transportation is the least of the Jews' woes.

But nobody listens. They tell you to tone down the rhetoric and stop trying to paint the Germans as monsters.

That's what it feels like to be a prolifer.

People are all in a tizzy about Kermit Gosnell. (Some of them are, anyway.) Oh, he was SO BAD!

And my friends are advising me, "Do NOT tell people about other abortionists doing similar things!"

Because telling the truth shuts them down.

You have to let them digest whatever it is that bugs them, then gently feed them another very small, very well-vetted and substantiated tidbit, and give them plenty of time to digest it.

Meanwhile, the carnage goes on.

This sucks.

But it's bringing me back to Diane Sawyer and the Non-Story of Lawson Akpolonu.

Ms. Sawyer was ready to be thoroughly disgusted and outraged that some abortion clinics were selling abortions to women who only thought they were pregnant. And we dutifully gave her an abundance of substantiating documentation that this sort of stuff goes on all the time.

But instead of shutting up and letting her digest what was to us the LEAST of the problems, we collected the worst. We substantiated them all, handed over the information.

And then we got the call from Akpolonu's brand-new ex-nurse. And we made the mistake, I guess, of handing Diane Sawyer WAY more than she was ready for.

So she dropped the whole thing.

And whose fault was that? Hers, for choosing to put her head in the sand? Or ours for not using psychology? Let Ms. Sawyer do her shocked and outraged story about how shocking and outrageous some tiny piece of the problem is. So we've established ourselves as trustworthy. Then feed her something just a tiny bit more outrageous -- say, no proper pathology reports after the abortions. And let her digest that.

If somebody's not ready to digest a hamburger, don't try to feed her the entire cow.


Anonymous said...

Being told that i was pregnant by an abortion clinic, when i was not was PART of my experience. The remainder of my experience with the clinic, that occured 2 years later was more horrific. The two incidents together are part of the whole. The first part was in no way a tiny problem.

You decieve a women into thinking she's going to kill her child or has killed her child, and she becomes suicidal, that's not tiny.

I understand your analogy about killing because I've thought of it myself.

But i also feel a frustration that no-one can take on board what you have described as a tiny problem.

Anonymous said...

Not sure i really understand why people are shocked about Gosnell.

Obviously if he had put scissors in the back of the neck and 'snipped' the spinal chord whilst the viable baby was still inside the uterus, as per a norrmal abortion procedure, then he would not be facing murder charges. Why? Location.

Christina Dunigan said...

That's an excellent point, Sarah. In fact, the only post-abortion suicide the CDC ever deigned to notice was of an 18-year-old that was never told that she hadn't, in fact, been pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this, very sad. We will remember her. Thanks, Christina.

L. said...

Yes -- location. Exactly. You say it doesn't matter, but I say it does.

I have no legal right to kill my children, but I am glad I can still kill any that are unlucky enough grow inside me.

And there's daycare and boarding school for the born ones, thank god!