Friday, January 28, 2011

Gosnell's NAF connection to be investigated!

Attorney General to Probe Second Gosnell Abortion Center

The National Abortion Federation facility that employed Kermit Gosnell, and let him start at least six of his illegal late abortions there, isn't getting glossed over. It's getting investigated:

Late Thursday, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said his office will launch a “wide-ranging” investigation of Gosnell and probe his work at the Delaware abortion facility given the vast problems at his Pennsylvania abortion center.

“Like most of us, I’m disturbed by the allegations that were handed up by the grand jury in Philadelphia,” said Biden, according to the News Journal newspaper. He said the probe will focus on “a range of issues and we want to get to the bottom of it.”

“It is under way and has been under way,” Biden said of the probe, and he indicated staff from his office and Delaware investigators have already met with officials from Pennsylvania to determine if any criminal acts of violations of state health and safety standards occurred in Delaware or by those associated with Gosnell in the state.

The announcement of the probe come on the same day members of Delaware Right to Life and national pro-life groups called for investigations into whether Atlantic and the two other abortion clinics that operate in Delaware are following state laws.

I love the way the reporter, Sean O'Sullivan, has been on the case:

Calls to Atlantic Women's Medical Services -- which appeared closed Thursday because of the snow -- have been referred to Philadelphia attorney Nino V. Tinari, who has been unavailable for comment since last week.

O'Sullivan has also identified the Delaware group that funded many of the Gosnell abortions, Delaware Pro-Choice Medical Fund, and has been trying to contact them to no avail.


L. said...

So he was defrauding a pro-choice fund -- at the very least, you should be happy he was stealing from my side, not yours.

I have to say, in the five years since I've been reading pro-life and pro-choice blogs, my opinions are growing harder and harder, in favor of legal abortion. Maybe it's because my daughter is turning 14, and is probably going to be sexually active soon?

The Gosnell case is turning me into a shrill contraception enthusiast -- those women shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place.

People who are absolutely closed to life owe it ourselves to do all we can to avoid conception.

[Wow, my Blogger verification word is "cysts!"]

Christina Dunigan said...

L, if the more you learn about abortion, the more you like it, then there's nothing that can soften your heart.

L. said...

Nah, I don't like it -- if I liked it, wouldn't I be out there trying to get pregnant over and over, and having as many of them as I possibly could, just to celebrate my "rights?" Reading about it reinforces how icky it is.

I repeat: I am becoming more and more of a contracption enthusiast. People who are absolutely closed to life owe it ourselves to do all we can to avoid conception.

Kathy said...

"People who are absolutely closed to life owe it ourselves to do all we can to avoid conception."

Exactly! Abstinence. Or sterilization. Our bodies are geared to reproduce; we shouldn't be surprised when reproduction happens from intercourse, even with contraception use.

Christina Dunigan said...

One of the things that really ticks me off is how the defenders of "bodily autonomy" and "reproductive choices" never get their knickers in a twist over how hard it is to get a tubal ligation. Why is the medical establishment allowed to refuse THIS to women with patronizing regularity, without any scoldings from the same people who insist that it's degrading to even bother with informed consent for women on the grounds that if the woman asks for it, then she KNOWS what she wants.

L. said...

Christina, I know I have ranted about lack of coverage for tubal ligations on THIS very blog! I would have had one years ago, but at the time, I had Japanese insurance that didn't cover it, so it's been more economical for me to use contraception.

Abstinence -- not my cup of tea. I don't think that consenting to sex is consenting to a baby, but that it's consenting to the possibility of a pregnancy that can be terminated. Abortion is my back-up birth control (but I've never had one, fortunately).

53 million babies dead? 53 million pregnancies that might have been prevented in the first place. Barring the ones for fetal anomolies/risks to the mother's health, and even if you factor in that contraception does fail sometimes (though rarely, when multiple methods are used together), abortions should have been a fraction of that.

I realize that some people won't be happy until the number is zero, but I would be happy with "rare," myself.

Tonal Bliss said...

L, you're using abortion as birth control. Sick, sick, sick!